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Deutscher Auto Blogger Digest vom 24.08.2016

Autoblog.comReview: 2016 Ford Mustang GT Premium Performance PackageFiled under: Open Road Is this the best Mustang ever? Continue reading Review: 2016 Ford Mus… Autoblog.comnuTonomy CEO Dr. Karl Iagnemma to speak at UPSHIFT 2016Filed under: Driving,Emerging Technologies,Smartphone,Technology,Upshift Autoblog’s UPSHIFT … Autoblog.comCalifornia pulls plug on bill for more zero-emission cars by 2025Filed under: Government/Legal,Green,United States,Electric,Hybrid,Hydrogen Automakers, the […]

Deutscher Auto Blogger Digest vom 23.08.2016

Autoblog.comFree Ford Focus RS driving school will stop you from becoming a #DriftModeFailFiled under: Ford,Driving,Hatchback,Performance,Racing Buy a Ford Focus RS and take advantag… formfreu.de1er _X-berg Autoblog.comOur clearest look yet at the C7 Chevy Corvette ZR1's rear endFiled under: Ford,Driving,Hatchback,Performance,Racing It may not be wearing its massive rea… Autoblog.comTesla Model S P100D does 0-60 in 2.5 […]

Deutscher Auto Blogger Digest vom 21.08.2016

AutogefühlNeuer Fiat Tipo Test Stufenheck/Limousine 110 PS E-torQAutogefühl – das Auto Blog! Der neue Fiat Tipo ersetzt den früheren Bravo, hat ab… Autoblog.com2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R makes US debut looking hellish in greenFiled under: Design/Style,Misc. Auto Shows,Mercedes-Benz,Coupe,Luxury,Performance,Supercars … Autoblog.com1955 Jaguar D-Type that won Le Mans sets $21.78 million record price at auctionFiled under: Jaguar,Auctions,Automotive […]

Deutscher Auto Blogger Digest vom 20.08.2016

1001 carsKurz belichtet: kleiner LaubfroschAm Rande des 1. Open Flair Vestivals, welches am 03. Juli 2016 zum ersten Mal auf dem Gelände der ehemaligen Z… Renn.tvErstes ZO832-Treffen heute in Nürburg.Ich wusste selber nicht, was passieren wird, aber es sind tatsächlich 8 x ZO832 zusammengekommen. … automobil.orgUnitec 84949 Autositzbezugset „Reptilia“ orangejetzt direkt bei Amazon anschauen EUR […]

Deutscher Auto Blogger Digest vom 18.08.2016

formfreu.de26th International Tattoo Convention BerlinIn der Arena Berlin stand am Wochenende alles im Zeichen des Tattoos. Auf der ältesten Tattoo Convention Europ… Autoblog.comHarley will pay a $15 million fine over engine tuners that defeat emissions controlsFiled under: Government/Legal,Green,Emissions,Motorcycle Harley disagrees with the EPA, sayi… Autoblog.comThe Chevy Bolt is now coming to life in LG Electronics‘ […]

Deutscher Auto Blogger Digest vom 17.08.2016

Autoblog.comVW will make Tesla sweat with 300-mile EV prototype at Paris showFiled under: Green,Paris Motor Show,Volkswagen,Concept Cars,Electric That 300-mile figure is… Autoblog.comEVEN Electric will sell EVs globally, online, and better than dealers are doing it todayFiled under: Green,Paris Motor Show,Volkswagen,Concept Cars,Electric You might remember Gisl… Autoblog.comThe tale of James May and the steering-wheel-less carFiled under: […]

Deutscher Auto Blogger Digest vom 16.08.2016

Autoblog.comOver a million hydrogen miles have already been driven in the USFiled under: Green,United States,Hydrogen All these miles come from First Element’s True Zer… Autoblog.com5 reasons truck buyers are excited for 2016Filed under: Green,United States,Hydrogen 2016 will be a big year for pickup trucks in the U… formfreu.deElsass und Schwarzwald Tour__Ferrari 308 GT4 und Mercedes-Benz […]